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BlueOne Condominiums

Family Condominium
The Family Condominium offers spectacular views of Bomun Lake and the water park and each dwelling space is big enough for two families to share . The building also has auxiliary facilities, including a banquet hall, a seminar room, a cafeteria, and a sauna.
Private Condominium
Built in the style of a luxury villa, the Private Condominium features the beautiful design of a castle with a unique façade and a landscape that blend well with Toham-san Mountain and Bomun Lake. Its interior space design has been recognized as one of the best in the country. It also has a members’ house, a spa, and a fitness center.

391, Bobul-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Cheongun-dong) (38118)

[GOLF & RESORT of the Month] 
A Premium Resort Solely for You: Blue One
A Place Full of Nature and Elegance, Filled with Colorful Spring Scents 
Spring has come to find the green. At this moment filled up with the scent of spring, where is the best resting place for you? Blue One’s The Honors Club, located in Gyeongju's Bomun Complex between Toham Mountain and Bomun Lake; Blue One Country Club located in Yongin with excellent accessibility; and Blue One Sangju Country Club with overwhelming natural environment. Some locations have family condos or private condos, or estates aiming at Korea's Beverly Hills. This is Blue One Golf & Resort. It is clear that this place, which we visited in celebration of the 300th anniversary issue, is full of charm that cannot be missed.

A Luxury Course that Meets with Open Nature
Blue One The Honors Country Club
Blue One’s The Honors Country Club is located is a highly accessible gymnasium complex, between Toham Mountain and Bomun Lake, so one can feel nature. The picturesque scenery that nature produces is one of the reasons to seek out Blue One The Honors C.C. The landscape of Blue One The Honors C.C. particularly reaches its peak in the spring. If one looks at the cherry blossoms, he or she will have to say that they are beautiful. Blue One The Honors C.C. preserved this natural beauty. Toham Mountain is centered on the green, and a deep lake shows a relaxed view. The course and nature are in perfect harmony and there is no chance of getting bored throughout the round. It consists of a total of 27 holes consisting of Lake, Valley, and Hills Courses. It is not an easy course but one that requires strategy. However, the taste of the different landscapes at each hole allows players to feel a thrill along with the tension throughout the challenge of the game.

First of all, the lake course seamlessly incorporates the beautiful scenery of Bomun Lake and Bomun Complex. Fountains, small lakes, flowers and other watercolor scenes unfold, but they are located on the higher side, so players can enjoy hitting exciting shots against panoramic scenery. In addition, when you stand on the teeing ground, you can see all the holes except for one or two on the entire course, so you can hit according to your own pitch.

In addition, the Valley Course is a course at which players can meet Bomun Lake properly. In particular, the No. 1 hole is located at a view point where one can fully enjoy the scenery of Bomun Lake. The charm of the Valley Course is that it is a strategic course. It is not easy to attack, so players can feel the fun of its color and that it is worth the challenge. The Hills Course is a relatively smooth course throughout which players can feel the comfortable and quiet atmosphere of Toham Mountain. The Hills Course is the most attractive in autumn, when reed forests and grasslands on the hills look most spectacular.

A Long-running Luxury Golf Course 
Blue One Yongin Country Club 
There is good reason to be proud of history and tradition. Maintaining a golf course for a long time means continuously satisfying those who come to the golf course. The Blue One Yongin Country Club, which opened in 1993, has long been recognized for its beautiful landscaping and thorough course management and maintenance. Among these, the sophisticated landscape combined with the natural environment is unique here. Blue One Yongin C.C.'s course is good for a wide range of players because the course has less undulation and the fairway is broad. There are no hazards, and the difficulty is not high, so women or amateurs and beginners can play comfortably. In addition, the course gives golfers high satisfaction by allowing them to play the game smoothly, with excellent know-how of the game progress.

The Blue One Yongin C.C. consists of 27 holes. The Middle Course and the West Course are operated for members only, and the East Course is also available as a public course. The East Course is particularly less crowded due to the no caddy system. Rounds may be played at membership courses and public courses, but play may be combined as well. However, in such cases, you must play with a caddy.

The East Course is public, but it is managed the same as the membership course and boasts high quality. Compared to the other two courses, the fairway is narrow and the course has a range of longitude, so it is advantageous to use the correct shot. One of the biggest advantages of the course is the scenery and the view from top to bottom. Especially in the spring, players can see the cherry blossom road at a glance, so they can enjoy the spectacular scenery throughout each round. The middle course and the west course are gentle and have long stretches of green, so players you can shoot from within the scenery.

An Overwhelming Natural and Fun Environment 
Blue One Sangju Golf Resort 
If one is looking for a golf course with an overwhelming natural environment and a level of difficulty that adds to the fun, Blue One Sangju Golf Resort (Blue One Sangju C.C.), which is also the venue of the 'SBS Golf High School Alumni Stadium' relayed through SBS Sports, has already been selected as one of Korea's TOP 10 Public Golf Courses. Although the level of difficulty is somewhat higher than that of the surrounding environment, it is famous not for artificially created landscapes such as a folding screen and a clear lake, but because golfers can enjoy a round surrounded by true nature.

The Blue One Sangju C.C is composed of 18 holes. Among them, the East Course is well received due to the surrounding scenery that preserves the beautiful nature. The natural rhythm of the valleys and lakes is the perfect place to enjoy the spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons.

The West Course draws attention with its strategic layout. The course, naturally seated along the ridge, traverses the valleys and climbs the lakes to lead golfers to a new world of golf. It may be difficult for beginners, but it is a consistent course for enthusiastic golfers who enjoy making their shots as much as taking on their senses of challenge. Clubhouses and resorts are also built to blend in with the surroundings, offering the feeling of visiting European luxury golf courses and alpine luxury golf courses. In particular, if you open the window at the resort, you can enjoy the golf course at a glance.

Blue One Resort: The Best I Found at Gyeongju, #1 
Find Rest and Relaxation at the Blue One Family & Private Condominium 
Where even the sunlight and wind relax: Family Condos 
There is a mountain, there is a lake. The brilliantly glowing Bomun Lake, twisting flowers and trees. It is not far from the city center, but the wind and the sun are extremely relaxing. When entering a family condo, time flows more peacefully. The warm sunshine is good for the passage from the elevator to the room. When you follow the light and head to your room, the open doors pour out the resort's unique leisurely air.

If you are not feeling relaxed, open the glass door of your room and go out to the balcony. You can feel that you came on vacation on the terrace. The heavenly sky, the cool breeze, and the panoramic view will empty out your stress. The scenery that started in the living room leads to the bedroom. Beyond the windows are blue skies and Bomun Lake. It is good to see pleasant scenery, and to enjoy the view waiting for the night. When choosing a room, it is important to choose your favorite view. All rooms have the same size, so guests should choose the view that will suit their preferences, including the lively water park view rooms and the Beaumont view rooms with the tranquil lake.

Achievement of Complete Relaxation, Private Condominium 
“Rest” itself may be the purpose of a trip. When you want to relax completely, feel the sunshine and the wind, and feel the flow of time, you can stay in a private condo - a comfortable place to sit without doing anything. A private condo standing on a hill just one block from the Blue One Resort. The texture of the wood and stone is alive and there is a graceful and sturdy first impression. In fact, the concept of a private condo is a castle on a hill. Just concentrating on architecture that blends in with nature gives ample pleasure: It feels like visiting a private villa in a foreign country. 

The private condo area is characterized by having each room located independently as if it is a separate private condo. Thanks to the privacy guarantees, guests can spend as much time as they want without having to worry about anything. Relax in a white fluffy bed, enjoy a sunbath, sit in a whirlpool bath, enjoy a beautiful sunset, and have a dreamy day. Meeting your own lost time, this is the privilege of those who find the Blue One private condo.

Blue One Resort: The Best I Found at Gyeongju, #2
The Beverly Hills of South Korea
The Honors Estates 
Overlooking the open sky from inside the house, the landscape spreads out over a wide window. A space filled with abundant nature, a space filled with a lifestyle of people who live like a perfect fit within it. A gift-like housing community, Korea’s Beverly Hills, is born. This is the story of The Honors Estates, created by Blue One and Taeyoung Engineering & Construction.

High-quality Detached Housing Complexes with Various Dimensions 
In short, Blue One The Honors Estates is a Korean Beverly Hills. It consists of a high-quality single-family housing complex that combines the merits of Beverly Hills, Southern California’s Luxury Village, with the essence of living in a natural environment. The Honors Estates will be located near Daeduk Mountain in the south of Blue One The Honors C.C. It is located in the foot of Toham Mountain National Park and boasts clear air and outstanding views. Of course, it was necessary to have visibility as it is designed considering the views as a top priority.

When you open the door, another surprise awaits you. The living room, which consists of 12 m or more of living space with panoramic views, offers a totally different sky, land and air than the city you know. A panoramic view of Bomun Lake, a golf course, and a national park unfolds before you, and you can enjoy nature. The living space is both outside but inside, and it is a free space, both inside yet outside. This space is designed as a flexible and open structure that integrates the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The spaces can naturally transform through Opening and closing mechanisms through which residents can create their own space according to their tastes and lifestyles. The Honors Estates expanded our dressing room with a walk-in closet concept and applied seismic and ventilation facilities with enhanced safety functions.

A Special Reason for Receiving Your Choice 
Blue One benchmarked the luxury gated communities in California and made sure to be aware of every precaution concerning the 'security' of the housing complex. Up to three gates have been installed to enhance security, and visitors and residents have been separated from each other to remove risk. Along with this, individual addresses will be given to each road to strengthen its uniqueness and individuality. The specialty of The Honors Estates does not end here. Since the sale of the land is carried out, it is possible to secure the location of the homes and the desired view rights. The Honors Estates will be built with about 250 billion won in total investments on a land area of ​​130,000 square meters. These new generation households are expected to be ready in 2021, starting with the sale to those in their 50s in the best location of the property in the second half of 2018. A special space for the selected elite, Korea's Beverly Hills is highly anticipated.

Inje Speedium, the First Multi-Vehicle Culture Theme Park in Korea
Located in Inje, Gangwon Province, Inje Speediumhas concluded agreements with Blue One Resort and is in the business of mutual cooperation. Inje Speedium has a variety of state-of-the-art facilities such as stadiums, hotels, condominiums and other facilities. 

A 3.908 Km Track of Racers’ Dreams 
Inje Speedium, located on a total area of ​​about 1.07 million ㎡ (about 330,000 pyeong) in the vicinity of Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, is accessible for enjoying auto sports at a distance of 150km from the water pipe. When the highway between Seoul and Yangyang is opened in 2017, Inje Speedium will be within reached of Seoul within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Gyeongju Track, the core of Inje Speedium, is an international scale circuit of Grade 2 certified by the World Automobile Federation (FIA) and has a total track length of 3.908 km. Designed by America's renowned circuit designer Alan Wilson, the Inje Speedy Circuit was built to meet FIA standards for track quality, safety, fitness, and operational fundamentals.
Along with racers, anyone male or female, older or younger will be able to experience sporting, circuit taxi, and circuit cart experiences. It is a 'car complex cultural space' where one can experience everything about cars.

Experience the Circuit and Relax Simultaneously 
Inje Speedium will be able to provide new experiences and times that could not be met at domestic racing stadiums. It is now possible to solve the problem of accommodation which was previously a disappointment regarding domestic racing stadiums in Korea. Inje Speedium Hotel is delivers luxury and service, customized to be selected as the first 4-star hotel in Gangwon Province in November 2016. We have a luxurious condo and hotel in the stadium to help racing fans feel the speed in a comfortable space. The hotel has a total of 134 rooms, ranging from the 1 basement floor to 7 floors above ground. The condominium consists of 118 rooms, with 1 floor underground and 8 floors above ground.

HOT EVENT Blue One & Inje Speedium 1718 Premium Coupon Book Special
Limited Edition Release Golf, hotel & condo, racetrack, water park available at once (8 types, 30 pieces)
Inje Speedium 
· One free hotel ticket 
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· Two free sauna tickets 
· 2 free tickets for sports driving 

Blue One
· Blue One Golf (weekdays) discount ticket 
· Blue One golf (weekend) 50% discount ticket 4 pieces 
· Two free tickets to Blue One Water Park 
· Blue One Water Park 70% discount coupon 2 pieces 

Sales price | 1,000,000 Won / period of use | Until June 30, 2018 
Contact Us | 1899-1888      Inje Speedium | 1644-3366

[Special Coverage]
Witness of Korean Golf
Se-Young Yoon, CEO of SBS Media Group

In the midst of the IMF struggle, women’s golfer Se-ri Pak became the nation’s hero through a splendid achievement… On the morning of July 7, 1998, when the IMF financial crisis caused the people of South Korea to be locked in misery, Pak Se-ri played in the world's most prestigious match - the U.S. Women's Open. The Korean people, who had been suffering from an economic depression, were thrilled with the memos that were broadcast live in the U.S. via the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) that morning. What struck the people most was the moment Pak took off her socks and hopped into the pond with her bare feet, determined to escape crisis in order to hit her ball on the slope next to the water hazard of the 18th hole. She seemed to convey a message to overcome the IMF crisis and get up again. Her white ankle, contrasted with her extremely tanned calf, was like a commendation achieved by the hard practice sessions of her past.

Among the Koreans in the audience that day were sixty businessmen who were Pak’s supporters and benefactors. Se-Young Yoon (84), who is currently the Chairman of SBS Media Group, Taeyoung Engineering and Construction, and BlueOne Resort, congratulated Pak after her win and could not help getting emotional. “The past days that I tried to publicize and popularize the sport called golf in Korea came to my mind like a sword,” he recalled. Yoon is also a sportsman who has been involved in the Korea Handball Association, the Korea Professional Basketball Federation (1996 ~ 2002), and the Korea Golf Association (2004 ~ 2012). “Since I first started playing golf in 1970, when I was working as a Secretary of Lee Dong Yong, I was in my 30s. So, I have been playing golf for nearly 50 years. Since I was able to grip a golf club from a relatively early age, I realized early on as the nation’s economy grew that golf would become a popular sport and future industry.” 

Korean Golf and Yoon Se-young ... And SBS
President Yoon's dream of popularizing golf in Korea and making it a popular sport for the public has become a reality since 1990, when SBS was founded. The founding and development of SBS coincides with the development of Korean golf, as Yoon strategically televised golf according to a concrete and long-term road map. 

Since 1991, SBS has been producing “Friday Golf,” the first ever golf-related television program in Korean broadcasting history, and continuously broadcast major domestic and overseas golf competitions. Up until that time, there were some people who saw golf as an industry that only the rich and luxurious could enjoy, but President Yoon wanted to formally introduce a wide range of people to the sport. Korean audiences would be able to watch advanced golf, such as the PGA and LPGA tours, which they previously had not been able to see properly, weekly on public television.

In 1992, SBS hosted the Professional/Amateur Strongest Golfer Match, becoming the first Korean broadcast media network to host a golf tournament and sponsoring it for 10 years. In 1995, the LPGA Samsung World Championship in Jeju was broadcast live on the spot for the first time in Korea. This was a new paradigm for golf relay broadcasting. This effort led to the opening of the “SBS Golf Channel,” Korea's first and best golf channel in 1999. Since then, SBS and Yoon have continued to develop Korean golf, from the SBS Korean Tour, Korean Women's Open, and LPGA SBS Open to the Tae Young Match.

In particular, SBS invested 15 billion Korean Won, and the Korean tour, which has been held for five consecutive years with 10 competitions each year, has become a driving force for the development of Korean golf. The KPGA game, which consisted of only 8 games in 2004, started with the SBS Korean Tour and since 2005 it has expanded to 16 ~ 18 tournaments annually, allowing the players' ability to mobilize upward. The SBS Korean Tour has proved to be the 'Renaissance of Korean Men's Golf,” produce such stars as Sang-Moon Bae, Dae-Hyun Kim, Soon-Sang Hong, Hyung-Sung Kim and Sang-Hyun Park over the years.

Some skeptics have wondered whether President Yoon's large scale sponsorship of golf development is for the broadcaster's profit. However, it is easy to see that this is an unfounded misunderstanding that golfers who know the golf industry better than anyone definitely realize: The pros understand the following nuances – Professional golf broadcasting is not profitable – not only SBS Golf but also J Golf. For from the viewpoint of the broadcast industry as a whole, it is infinitely more profitable for SBS Media Holdings to focus on broadcasting or even putting on reruns of popular dramas. It is not plausible to create competition while investing huge sums of money for golf broadcasts in terms of economic logic. Thus, the reason behind the development of golf broadcasting was not profit, but passion (Herald POP, February 27, 2015).  

Having served two terms as the President of the Korean Golf Association, President Yoon has achieved the goal of expanding Korean golf in the world. One method was to host the 2015 President’s Cup in Korea, which was secured in 2011. The President’s Cup - a continental match between a United States team and a world alliance team (excluding Europe) - is the world's premier golf festival and its premier in Korea was the first of its kind in Asia. During this process, Chung-Koo Park, President of the Korea Professional Golfers’ Association and Jin Ryu, Chairman and CEO of the Poongsan Group, made great contributions. In October of 2015, the Presidents Cup held at Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea in New Songdo City of Incheon, captivated the eyes and ears of the world’s top golf athletes such as Jordan Spears and Jason Day.

One of Yoon's other contributions is the adoption of golf as an official sport of the Olympic Games. In the last Olympic Games held in Brazil’s Rio, golf was reinstated as an Olympic sport after 112 years, and South Korea’s women’s team, led by Inbee Park, achieved the gold medal. It was in 2009 that the International Olympic Committee officially agreed to adopted golf into the 2016 Olympic Games, and it is widely known that President Yoon, who was the president of the Korea Golf Association at the time, had struggled against some of the world's most powerful sports leaders such as IOC chairman Jacques Rogge.

One of the most prominent contributions President Yoon has made to the development of Korean golf is raising up great golf athletes. He has shown his enthusiasm for finding golf prospects in Korea and setting them up as world-class players while trying to industrialize the sport of golf. At the same time, he is enthusiastic about promoting golf as a popular sport to be enjoyed by more and more people, not just the elite.

Yong-Eun Yang, who won the trophy by defeating Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship in August 2009, won his first title at the SBS Professional Golf Stadium in 2002 and showed his ability to work through the SBS Korean Tour. Pak was also able to advance to the US as a world player by stepping up her career in the 1996 SBS Professional Golf Championship. Many players who started playing golf under Yoon’s care, such as Kyung-Joo Choi and Se-ri Pak, went on to become some of the best players on the world stage, sweeping the LPGA and making great progress in the PGA. Yoon, who can be seen as the one who created the foundation in which Korean players did not stay in Korea, has continued to encourage young players, such as Si-Woo Kim to take their dreams abroad. Yoon enjoys encouraging and building up the next generation of golf athletes very much.  

Regarding President Yoon’s work in raising up young golfers, SBS golf commentator Jae-Yul Kim explained, “Yoon shows warm interest in amateur players as well. Every time the SBS Korean tournament was held, amateur athletes were allowed to participate. When he meets amateur players at the game, he approaches them intentionally and asks them "How many greens did you hit today?" With such experience, amateur athletes were able to prepare their professional experience and valuable experience with solid footing.

Se Young Yoon’s Theory of Golf and Theory of Life
President Se Young Yoon’s theory of golf and theory of life are well-known in his autobiography. “English golf critic Henry Longhurst said, ‘The more golf you see, the more you think about your life and the more you look at your life, the more golf you think.’ I also think golf is life itself... that is, given the circumstances, it is necessary to cope with the changing natural environment along time and space. I have to swing 100 times during the 18 holes, but they are different every time. Given various situations in life, one must swing and score well, and the variety and volatility of each situation will vary. Golf and life are similar: it is through golf that one can feel the delicacy of accomplishment when one really wants it. Neither success in life nor golf can be achieved through selfishness. One cannot win the distance in golf if one tries to win by all means. There is a bend that affects the success or failure of golf just as there is a bend of a hoop in life. Sometimes I have to make an honest and calm judgment about my abilities and circumstances, and sometimes I have to make a decision to break through the front. In the end, it comes back to the point of being honest. It means that you can be successful if you are honest with your life, golf, yourself and the world. "

Even now, President Yoon is always on the course once or twice a week. He finds it necessary and enjoyable to get more than two hours of muscle strength and aerobic exercise on a daily basis. Thanks to that, the distance of his driver is still about 200 meters. As a true “age shooter,” he is proving that age is just a number, but it is impossible without passion and constant effort.

Chun-Ja Kang, the senior vice-president of the KLPGA, recalling the times she has played a round with President Yoon, gave this anecdote regarding Yoon’s enthusiasm towards golf: "President Yoon takes a great deal of pride in playing golf. It was impressive that I had to swing, research and recreate several times again when I missed a shot. One time, I received a one-point lesson from professional Jung Min Lee during a game, and he was doing an empty swing hard to fix the point. I once again felt that President Yoon’s love and enthusiasm for golf was enormous. "

Korea’s domestic golf population has surpassed 6 million, and the market size of the golf industry has reached 11,455 billion won. Now, golf has become a popular sport loved by the whole nation. It is not easy to find a person who contributed as much as President Yoon to Korean golf and the golf industry.

However, even Coach Guus Hiddink, famed coach of Korea’s 2002 World Cup soccer team said, "I am still hungry." To be truly popular, more people should be able to find golf courses, and in order to do so, unreasonable regulatory measures, such as membership taxation, must be improved.

Se-Young Yoon, as a young man in his thirties, set foot in the world of golf for the first time in 1970. He spent the last 50 years becoming a leader of Korea’s golf history and culture. As the 42mm diameter golf ball soars across the green, President Yoon returns to his youth 47 years ago. For President Yoon, golf is not a business. Even if he must invest, golf is like a child whom he wants to raise up and see grow well and prosper. He is a man who has a staked his life in developing golf in his country. Korean golf, which has grown from President Yoon’s passion and contribution, desperately continues to desire his leadership, acumen, and economy for a better tomorrow for the sport.

The President Yoon Through the Eyes of Those Who Know Him

■ Kyung-Ju Choi (K.J. Choi)
In the 1996 SBS Professional / Amateur Strongest Golfer Match, Choi was playing with a true “handicap.” While hammering at home, Choi had hurt his finger but had still elected to compete in the tournament. It was a difficult to hold his grip properly. President Yoon, who played in the same group, was worried about Choi’s injured fingers and continuously gave him encouragement. The words “You can do anything with this spirit,” still remains in Choi’s memory. The encouragement of Mr. Yoon was a great force of strength throughout the tournament, and as a result, Choi was able to achieve a good result as the runner-up, and had a strong will to advance to the US PGA Tour. It was also a great source of strength to send a team of reporters from SBS to the US.

■ Se-ri Pak
President Yoon’s love of golf is revealed in the fact that he made the effort to show the public the benefits and greatness of the sport of golf through broadcasting, such as making the first special golf program in Korea. Thanks to the rapid penetration of golf into the masses, the golf industry was able to grow to a significant size. One cannot fail to mention President Yoon’s efforts when discussing domestic golf development. When there was no general interest in golf, he created a golf channel and captured the attention of the public while creating golf tours and competitions to further bring a passion for golf to our country. It is no exaggeration to state that his passion for golf has been with me for my entire golf life. Many golf enthusiasts tell me that I am "a person who gave them the passion to challenge the game of golf in their own lives," and if I am at the center of such a role, President Yoon is the most important person who has drawn public attention to golf.